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You will find a great CD or two as you run around shopping in the stores this Christmas - BUT - more often than not, we are all finding less selection in stores and more need to order online!

The cool thing is - everything you can imagine is online!! BUT - there are a few things you must consider and remember!

You NEED to order online early to insure delivery before Christmas.

Bad weather can slow deliveries and the increase of shipping during the Holidays increases the possibility of late arrival or lost goods.

The best thing to do is to

Plan ahead and
order early! It helps in speading out Christmas expenses and takes the stress out of any deadline deliveries. It also saves big money when you compare the difference of standard shipping and NEXT DAY!

If there is any doubt you might have that a shipment will not arrive before Christmas - MUSIC IS AMAZING!! In the 21st Century,
you can buy Downloads and have a CD burned in 10 minutes - while living in the back brush of Australia!!

You can actually Download at 3AM on Christmas Morning, write a Christmas note on the disc and have an awesome, personalized gift for a loved one!! I LOVE DOWNLOADS!!

SO - ORDER EARLY or DOWNLOAD MUSIC and have a Merry Christmas!

FREE Christmas Downloads on Smooth Jazz Christmas dotcom

Smooth Jazz Christmas Music Downloads - Penny Whistle Christmas tracks!!

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CD Baby to buy Christmas Tracks and CDs

CD Baby to buy Christmas Tracks and CDs

Greg Vail Christmas Music

Christmas Hymns Music - Traditional Christmas Carols


Christmas CDs

Welcome to Christmas CDs dot net!

We have lots of
Christmas CDs that you will love during the Christmas Holidays. Look thru a few pages for great picks on Christmas CDs from all over the internet.

Christmas Music Videos featuring the Saxophone and Flute are all over the site too! Pull down this page and listen to some great music and check out some of Greg's Christmas Sax Videos!

First, we would like to present 2 great
Instrumental Christmas CDs by Greg Vail, world renown saxophonist and flutist recording in the LA Area for decades.

Christmas the Hymns


Is it Christmas Yet?

I ALSO have many
friends that have released Christmas CDs and you can listen to them and hit the links to order these great Christmas CDs.

We have also
researched and listed tons of great Christmas CDs for you to check out and set up a Christmas CD Store at!!

ALL of the old and new
Christmas Favorites are right here. Check it out! Christmas Instrumentals, Classic Vocals, Jazz and Smooth Jazz CDs are featured in the store!

Greg Vail Christmas CDs -
Click on CD Covers for Christmas Music CD Samples, or check out the the Smooth Jazz Christmas CD or the Traditional Jazz Christmas CD by clicking the Christmas CD title below.

Thanks so much for listening and have a

Blessed Christmas!

Christmas Music

...from Greg Vail Music

Christmas Hymns CD

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  • DESCRIPTION: Christmas the Hymns is a Smooth Jazz Christmas CD full of your favorite Christmas Carols and Seasonal Hymns from yesteryear. Click the CD Cover above for a sample audio sound clip of a few of the Christmas Carols on Christmas the Hymns or here for more on this great Christmas CD!

    Is It Christmas Yet?

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  • DESCRIPTION: Is It Christmas Yet? is a more traditional sounding Jazz Combo, playing your favorite Christmas and Holiday songs just like the Jazz Masters from the golden era of Jazz! Is It Christmas Yet? Audio Clip example - More Information here.

    How to buy Christmas CDs Online?

    We have lots of ways to purchase Christmas Music from the convenience of your own computer. We can be found on over 70 online download stores.

    For some of the big stores - Check out CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon  or SEARCH GREG VAIL ARTIST your favorite online music store.
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    Thanks for stopping in!! :)
    Merry Christmas!!!!! Greg Vail Music


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